Yahoo Meme a Twitter Challenger?

September 18th, 2009

Yahoo Meme

A  new  Challenger has entered the Twitter ring   and it’s called Meme from yahoo.
Right now it’s invite only, but you can try get in by entering your email and hitting i want in button.

For me though, yahoo need to secure/buy the domain before this can really make some impact:
i like more twitter dot com than meme dot yahoo dot com.

What do you think? did you get in yet ? first impressions?

Something in the Sky

September 11th, 2009

Something in the Sky 

Croydon(london),  last saturday i noticed this one frame with
something strange in it.
I still can’t make what it was, any idea?

Please UFO finders, stay away.

It was taking around 4.30 – 5pm.

First Working Playstation 3 Modchip ?

August 24th, 2009

 Belzar PS3 Modchip

My usual daily internet round up lead me to this site stating they have a working PS3 modchip.
Too good to be true? well only time can tell.

 According to the site, Belzar the world first full-fledged direct boot modchip for the PS3 that is packed full of useful features including multi-region DVD and blu-ray movie playback is now being tested by 50 beta testers for final bug testing.

Belzar PS3 Modchip features:

  • Works on all PS3 models
  • Works on all PS3 regions (USA, JAP, PAL,)
  • Direct Boot of PS3 original, import, and backup (copied) games
  • Direct Boot of PS2 original, import, and backup (copied) games
  • Supports multi-region Blueray Movie Playback
  • Supports multi-region DVD Movie Playback
  • No config disc needed – it just works!
  • Transparent stealth operation
  • Integrates proven belzar Intelligent Code Modifying System
  • No awkward USB interface – just insert DVD and play!
  • Supportsall upto date titles
  • Ultra-low power consumption; does not interfere with normal PS3 operation
  • Only 12 wires to solder
  • No external PC/laptop needed
  • completely upgradeable firmware, via Belzars usb 2.0 interface

PS: PS3 games are around 25-50gb, how long will it take you to download or even upload ? Which sites will allow that amount ?  Which ISP will let you download let’s say 3 ps3 games in a month ? around 100gb ?

For me i think the high capacity of the PS3 discs is the real easy yet effective solution for piracy .

What are your thoughts ?

RockMelt: New Web Browser by Netscape Communications Creator

August 19th, 2009


RockMelt is the  name of a  new web browser by Netscape Communications Creator Marc Andreessen with two former partners, Eric Vishria and Tim Howes.

You can sign up for the mailing list at

Charity Boot Fair

July 30th, 2009

Charity Boot Fair 

Coming to London last week from Rye, couldn’t resist the temptation to not take this shot, did you go to that fair?